Feature Film and Broadcast TV

Lemonade Pictures is not your typical production company. We make the most meaningful and compelling content, with cinematic quality on all kinds of budgets. 

As film is an industry of fluid collaboration, we welcome other voices and artists into our fold. We know well what it’s like to have an awesome idea but not the resources or experience to make it happen.  We can help you develop your idea, produce your TV series, or find a distributor for your film.

Corporate Documentary

One of the most engaging and informative approaches for corporate communications is documentary. As experienced documentary filmmakers, we know how to draw out the best performances from our subjects, and how to craft the best story with what we capture. Our abilities as documentary filmmakers sets us apart in the world of advertising.

Commercials – Creative Development & Production

Whether you’re working with an agency, working alone, or work at an agency, we can help craft your story and execute from start to finish. We work equally well with clients with little or no creative direction as we do with a completed set of storyboards. Our experienced team knows how to understand your vision and execute at the highest level.


Looking to gain a competitive edge through team training? Lemonade has extensive experience generation engaging, informative, even entertaining video content for a wide range of e-learning clients.

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