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The Calgary Zoo

Winter Sleep

The Calgary Zoo moved its world class Wildlife Rehabilitation Program Centre a big step ahead with some help from this touching film. Shot in one day and completed in two weeks in late January, “Winter Sleep” was credited with helping them secure funds in a highly competitive process.

No Roads In

Official Trailer

Join Blake Reid, Adam Naugler and the Blake Reid Band as they battle the elements to record an album in 6 days. This feature documentary brings a despondent, old homestead roaring back to life and, unexpectedly, taps into the building’s revelatory, mystic powers.

Calgary Flames

“Fire Dragon” – The Calgary Flames Visit China

Go behind-the-scenes and follow the Flames every step of the way during a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the NHL China Games 2018 with this exclusive documentary!

CBC Arts – Exhibitionists

Shanell Papp

For Lethbridge, Alta. artist Shanell Papp, horror is a daily necessity. Her large-scale knitted works will fascinate you while simultaneously creeping you out. Her studio is a place you’d probably want to visit using the buddy system.

CBC Arts – Exhibitionists

Museum of Fear and Wonder

In Bergen, Alberta, two brothers have created The Museum of Fear and Wonder, where objects with a curious past find their new forever home.

CBC Arts – Exhibitionists

Paul Zizka

From the Northern Lights to the Canadian Rockies, photographer Paul Zizka seeks out the spectacular from the Alberta winter. His groundbreaking work has garnered millions of views.

Calgary Flames 2017-18

I See Red – The Blake Reid Band

Commercial for the Calgary Flames 2017-18 season ticket drive featuring “The Blake Reid Band”.

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